Ground Schools

Sure, reading FAA textbooks is fun and all, but why not join a group of peers out at the airport to help you learn the material? These classes will allow you to master the book knowledge required for your ratings and meet some fellow pilots at the same time. Please call or email us to enroll – ground school courses are run according to demand.

Private Pilot

This class will prepare you for the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test, a requirement for your rating. Over 8 weeks, we’ll guide you through each and every topic that may show up on the exam. If you aspire to be a pilot, this course is a must. $375

Instrument Rating

This course is modeled after our successful private pilot curriculum and can be taken as an evening class over many weeks, or in one exciting weekend. $375

Private Pilot Refresher

This short class will bring you up to speed on the latest best practices and changes in regulation. The course is a great way to prepare for your BFR, or after a hiatus from flying. $25 each night or $115 for all.

Five nights over five weeks:

    • Week 1 | Airspace & Charts
    • Week 2 | Weather
    • Week 3 | Regulations
    • Week 4 | Decision Making
    • Week 5 | GPS

Custom Ground Classes

Our instructors have experience and a proven record with custom-tailored ground schools. Whatever your interest, we can create and execute a quality ground instruction program to suit your needs.

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