Our Aircraft

The training fleet at KDLS has been carefully selected to fit a wide range of flight profiles. Come fly the latest and greatest in our glass cockpit composite trainer, a beautifully restored Piper Cub, or our tried and true Cessna.

Diamond Star DA40

diamondstar diamondstarpanel

This aircraft is one of the finest modern trainers available. The information available to the pilot from the G1000 panel is a key safety benefit, while NEXRAD weather will help you make educated decisions as you cruise along at 135KTS. Our Diamond is loaded with a fuel-injected 180hp powerplant matched with a constant speed propeller, for performance comparable to most retractable gear airplanes.


Piper J3 Cub


When Mr. Piper introduced the Piper Cub in 1937, he had a dream: everyone should fly. This aircraft was the trainer for decades, and still is. This tailwheel aircraft is honest and fun. Our cub is a recently restored original.





Cessna Skyhawk 172


The mainstay of all general aviation aircraft. Our M-Model Skyhawk has been recently upgraded with a new radio and Garmin 496 GPS with XM Weather. The airplane is young in hours and has the reliable Lycoming 150hp powerplant. The panel is certified for IFR operations with dual Nav/Coms and a glideslope indicator. 900lb+ useful load.