Our Instructors

Our talented instructors are passionate teachers and full-time aviators with one simple goal: help our students become great pilots..

Lowell Neal – CFI, CFII, Tailwheel

Previously living in New Mexico and Seattle, it was not until Lowell moved to the Gorge that he began flying. Skiing, skydiving, and four years at the University of Washington studying Aeronautics had occupied his time until he had his first flight lesson right here at Gorge Aviation Services with instructor Brett Zefting. Since that flight, he has not stopped flying, and began teaching locally as soon as he obtained his CFI. Lowell can be found at the airport on most mornings, evenings, and weekends or headed to the coast for airplane camping


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We are currently accepting resumes for flight instructors who are passionate about teaching, learning, and improving their skills. Preferred: CFII, Tailwheel, Actual IFR time & G1000 experience desired.[email protected]