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Professional Aviation Services
Start your flying experience with us
Professional Aviation Services
Start your flying experience with us

George Aviation Services

Gorge Aviation Services provides quality aviation services at the Hermiston Regional Airport and Walla Walla Regional Airport. Our services include a flight school, maintenance shop, professional pilot services and more. We are also the airport’s only fixed base operator.

Flight School

Ready to become a pilot or advance your piloting skills? We have you covered.

Maintenance Shop

Inspections, Routine Maintenance, Parts, and Detailing.

Pilot Services

Pilot certification, refresher and advanced training + much more.

Our Facilities

Conference Area

Make your business more efficient by conducting meetings right at the airport.

Pilot's Lounge

Comfortable seating, weather computer with internet access, television, and wifi.

Courtesy Car

We are happy to loan you one of our courtesy vans for local trips. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Car Rental

If you have longer-term commitments we offer car rental services for you to get to your destination.


Great full-service fuel service, and we appreciate the use of a courtesy car when we were there!
Brian Makar
Gorge Aviation gave me the perfect introductory experience to learn how to fly. High recommend!
Kevin Thompson
I went on a wine tour and it was such a memorable experience. The service was amazing.
Shannon Smith

Scenic Flights

Enjoy a change of perspective and book a scenic flight you will never forget

Let's Fly Away

Learn to Fly… Discovery Flights $129