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Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

Inspections / Routine Maintenance / Parts / Detailing / PSI Lasergrade Testing

We are your local mechanic and maintenance shop. Every mechanic and IA we work with is also a pilot, so we understand the trust involved in aircraft maintenance. Rest assured, any aircraft we work on is maintained to the highest standards — without breaking the bank.

We also welcome ‘owner-assist’ projects. After all, it’s the owner or operator who is truly responsible for keeping their aircraft in airworthy condition.


50 Hour
100 Hour
Annual Inspections
Annual Condition Inspections (Experimental)

Routine Maintenance

Oil/Engine Changes
Structural Repairs
& More


We stock most routine mainenance parts. If we don’t have it, chances are someone in our local parts network does.

PSI Lasergrade Testing

We are the only testing center in the gorge. We are open for testing during normal business hours. You may schedule a test through PSI / Lasergrade directly, or just give us a call.

Our Maintenance Staff

Dave Kelly

Lisa Sturgeon

Andrew Ash

Nathan Hurty
apprentice aircraft mechanic

After Hours Call-Out

Our normal business hours are 8 am-5 pm 7 days a week. If you should need full service fuel, access to the FBO, or catering, we would be happy to assist you for an hourly fee.

Keep in mind that there is a coded 24/7 bathroom available, as well as full self-service fuel if needed.

For the unexpected mechanical problem after hours, our mechanic would be happy to come out to assist for a fee in addition to our normal shop rates.

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