Flight Simulator

Our new Redbird TD2 AATD training device allows you to gain or maintain instrument skills even on those bad weather days. The latest table-top training device from Redbird is packed with features to provide a realistic training experience that will help you be a better pilot. Our unit is has two different panel options to replicate the Garmin G1000 navigation suite or a standard panel driven by a Garmin 530 Navigator.

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Log up to 10 hours towards your instrument rating
or 2.5 towards your Private.

The Redbird TD is approved as a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) by the FAA. It is then authorized per 61.4(c) for use in satisfying the Tasks/Maneuvers and Procedures under parts 61 and 141.

Stay Current!

  • Start your flight on the ground at any airport or in the air.
  • Fly day or night in VFR or IFR conditions.
  • Practice aircraft failures and emergency procedures.
  • Shoot instrument approaches to minimums at any airport in the world.
  • Practice cross-country flights to unfamiliar airports before you get in the airplane.

Pay Hourly or Save with Block Pricing

The simulator is available to rent just like our airplanes for a rate of $45/hour.

Ground instruction is available and necessary to log training time towards a rating for an additional $45/hour.

10 hours of dual instruction on the simulator is available as a pre-paid block of $800. (cash or check)

Additional Features


Parrot is designed to operate with Redbird’s TD series of FAA certified flight training devices. It makes learning to talk on the radio fun and stress-free.The pilot talks to the computer and the computer understands and replies as ATC would in real flight situations. This intelligent and sophisticated technology will enable you to learn how to properly communicate one the radio—even without a flight instructor!

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Cygnus allows you to use any aviation or navigation apps running on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch while connected to any one of a wide range of flight simulation software products. When using Cygnus during a simulation session your iPad and the aviation app it is running will believe that it is located wherever the aircraft in the active simulation is located. Cygnus is the perfect tool for training pilots in the use of iPad aviation apps in a safe and controlled environment.

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